School Hours

École Elsie Mironuck Community School



Please do not send your child to school prior to 8:53 am as staff supervision does not begin until this time. 


School Day Begins 8:53 am

Morning Recess 8:53 am – 9:08 am

Learning Time 9:08 am - 11:45 am

LUNCH 11:45 am –12:45 pm

Learning Time 12:45 pm - 3:22 pm

Afternoon Recess 3:22 pm 3:37 pm

School Day Ends @ 3:37 pm


We ask that students not coming by bus, come as close to 9:05 am as possible to avoid overcrowding on the playground.  The same applies at 3:22 pm.  Students will be free to make their way home rather than stay for recess at the end of the day.  We encourage families to have their children walk to school to limit congestion of vehicles as well as people around the school property.

We also encourage as many students as possible go home for lunch. 

Students transported by bus have received their pick up and drop off times from the RCSD Transportation department.  Masks will be mandatory for all students riding the bus. Any inquiries regarding transportation services can be directed to: or 306-791-7214