École Elsie Mironuck School Community Council


The École Elsie Mironuck School Community Council  (ÉEMSCC) is a group of interested parents, school staff, students, and community members who work together with the school to support the students of the school. As a parent, guardian, staff member, or community member you are already a member of our SCC!!

We meet monthly at 7:00pm in the school resource center.  Childcare is provided if you email us first indicating that you require it.

Dates chosen for meetings the 2020-2021 school year are:

Wednesday, October 14, 2020 - AGM (Annual General Meeting)

Other dates to be chosen at the AGM

June - SCC Annual Family Carnival will be held (Date to be determined)

Our executive for the 2019-2020 school year is comprised of the following individuals:

Chair - Chandra Flatt

Vice Chair - Dean Seifert

Secretary - Pam Turner

Treasurer - Jamie Berquist

Member at Large - Heidi Emperingham

We are always on the lookout for other fantastic parents to help us out!  Please consider attending our monthly meetings or helping us out by volunteering for one of our many activities.

Contact us: 

  • e-mail - mironuckscc@hotmail.com
  • Phone - messages may be left with the school office at (306) 791-8486
  • Facebook at: École Elsie Mironuck School Community Council (SCC)

Our Role and Responsibility:

· Represent the interests of  École Elsie Mironuck Community School families.

· Encourage parent, guardian & community engagement and involvement in our school.

· Facilitate continuing co-operation, communication, and mutual understanding between parents, guardians & teachers.

· Promote volunteerism among parents, guardians, & community members.

· Identify ways to support our teachers to advance the learning programs at our school.

· Have fun with all involved!!

About Our Annual Electronics Raffle:

For the last several years, the ÉEMSCC has held an electronics raffle as the main fundraiser for the school. This has been a vital mainstay in our ability to support programs and make key purchases of different resources for our school!

Each raffle provides us with  approximately $10,000  of net profits which is directly  invested back into our school!  In addition, because it is a SLGA   sanctioned raffle, we earn another 25% of our net proceeds in grant money!!

A $2 ticket earns you a chance  of  winning over $7000 in prizes!  Our grand prize is usually a big screen TV with a surround sound system and movie player. 

Overall, approximately 10 prizes are  offered with each raffle (usually a  minimum of $100 value) and in the past have included: X-Box Consoles, PS Consoles, Wii, tablets, computers, netbooks/notebooks, headphones, wireless    speakers, iPod’s, programmable remotes, cameras, video recorders, Kindle/E-readers, GPS, cordless phones, and stereos.

We look forward to running another  successful raffle this year!!  We are also extremely grateful for all the hard work by our teachers, students, parents, guardians, and to all those who purchase tickets!! 


Raffle Proceeds Have Supported:

· Leveled reading materials

· Chorale Risers

· Classroom Field Trips

· Classroom learning materials

· Technology (iPads / Smartboards)

· Science Equipment

· Musical  Instruments & Repairs

· Library Resources

· Practical & Applied Arts  Materials

· Portable White Board (Music)

· Digital Cameras

· Literacy Materials

· Magazine / Internet  Subscriptions

· Classroom consumables

· Sports Equipment & Jerseys

· Self-regulation furniture

· Playground Sports Equipment


Archived Meeting Minutes:

·  Click Here for ARCHIVED MINUTES