Year End Newsletter

Juin 2019


Bonnes vacances



We thank you for your support throughout the year and wish you a relaxing and fun summer holiday. Thank you to parents and community members who volunteered to help with various activities and outings. Special thanks are extended to Community Council members for their on-going involvement and invaluable help!   


The School Community Council Annual General Meeting will be held at the school on October 9th at 6:30 pm.


Farewell to our Grade 8 students and all other students and families who are moving to another area.


Au revoir

      Some staff members will be leaving École Elsie Mironuck Community School and we wish to express our gratitude for the contributions they have made to our educational program. Best wishes for continued success.


M. Araneda                                  to École Wascana Plains

Mme Chabot-Greenwood         to École White City School

Mme Chalifour                            to Campbell Collegiate

Mrs. Goldsmith                           to Ontario

M. Higiro                                      to be a teacher on substitute basis

Mme Levasseur                          to teach in another country

Ms. Livingstone                          to École Wascana Plains and Jack Mackenzie School

Ms. McLeod                                to George Lee School

Ms. Shepherd                             to Imperial School

Mrs. Ur Rehman                         to English as an additional language in three schools

Mrs. Williams                              TBA



Welcome to the following new staff for the 2019-2020 school year.


M. Dorion                                            5e année

Mme Exner                                          5e/6e année (October 30th)

Ms. Maredia                                        Intern in Grade 1/2

Mme Meyers                                       4e/5e année

Ms. Olson                                             Grade 2/3

Mme Perreaux-Volke                         5e/6e année (September and October)

Ms. Poworoznik                                  Special Educational Assistant

Ms. Sageer                                           EAL (English as an additional language)

Mme Thomson                                   Orthopédagogue (French Immersion Learning Resource Teacher)

TBA                                                        Special Education Assistant

TBA                                                        Special Education Assistant (French Immersion)

Ms. Ward                                              Intern in Grade 5/6


Have a wonderful and safe summer holiday!


Simone Verville, Directrice / Principal

Shawna Stangel, Vice Principal / Directrice adjointe