Happy Birthday Miss Mironuck

Our Grade 4 classroom along with Mme Haynes paid a very special visit to Miss Elsie Mironuck today.  We wanted to make sure that she knew how much she was loved as we helped to celebrate her 95th birthday!

Miss Mironuck was honoured by our surprise visit this afternoon and her family and friends appreciated the performance that our Grade 4 students had been practicing for this event.  They played their recorders, they sang Royal Wood's Brother Song, and then they waltzed with Elsie and her friends.

Miss Mironuck loved the flowers and the card that the students presented to her.  Everyone enjoyed the birthday cake and tea.  The students were even given a tour of her private residence.  Many of the students were wanting to make arrangements to move in with their BFF's.

We are so very proud of the example that Miss Mironuck has set for us as a leader in education.  We wish her the happiest of days and look forward to many more visits and performances for her.

Happy 95th Birthday Miss Elsie Mironuck!