Happy Birthday Miss Elsie Mironuck

On January 30th , students arrived with flowers, and huge card signed by all the staff at École Elsie Mironuck Community School for Elsie on her 94th birthday. 

They presented her with a program of dance: Cha Cha Cha-ing to the hit song “Havanna”, swinging to an old time tune, and then waltzing with the seniors to Satchmo’s “It’s a Wonderful World”.   They also included a Franglais song titled “A Little French Song” by Carla Bruni to let Elsie and her friends know that whenever they want a little pick-me-up, they need only sing a little French song! 

Tchaikovsky in my Neighborhood Contest

The Link Up Students at  École Elsie Mironuck Community School  are participating in a contest called Tchaikovsky in my Neighborhood. Students have made a “Flat Tchaikovsky” and have been encouraged to take photos of him out and around in their neighborhoods and further.

Contest categories focus in on the following: who can take Tchaikovsky the furthest, the highest, and the most places in town.