Temporary Bus Zone Changes

Due to some roofing work that will be taking place at École Elsie Mironuck Community School over the coming weeks, we are needing to make some temporary changes to our Bussing Zones for student drop off in the mornings and student pick-up after school.

Until the roofing construction is complete our bus bay is not going to be a safe zone for students to be around.  Therefore, students who are bussed to and from school will be utilizing on-sidewalk pick-up and drop-off directly in front of École Elsie Mironuck Community School.

We would ask that all families who drive their children to and from school please arrange alternate pick-up and drop-off spots NOT on Wakefield Crescent to alleviate vehicle congestion and support student safety.  The only vehicles allowed in front of our school during these busy times are School Board approved cabs/vans and School Busses. 

Please refer to our website article regarding SCHOOL ZONE SAFETY FOR ALL STUDENTS found at https://ecoleelsiemironuck.rbe.sk.ca/node/125  for more information regarding safe  pick-up/drop-off zones surrounding the school and Wakefield Crescent parking enforcement.

At this time we are unsure as to how long the construction will occur.  We thank you for your support and cooperation with this matter as student safety for all of our students is of the utmost importance to us.  

Please feel free to contact our school office should you have any further questions or wonderings.