Healthy Hunger Lunch Orders

UPDATE: As of Tuesday, March 17th, 2020 as per phone conversation, Healthy Hunger informed Elsie Mironuck Community School that any upcoming lunches (March to June 2020) will be refunded on a lunch-by-lunch basis to the credit card that had originally placed the order. There is no way to do one mass refund for each person who placed an order.


Healthy Hunger is a great way for students to enjoy a "fun lunch" at school. We are excited to once again use this system as it allows you to place an order online and pay directly with your credit card or debit card. Only online orders will be accepted. We will offer many Healthy Hunger lunches throughout the school year.  Please see below for the dates we have selected.




We will be having a number of special lunch/snack days this school year using the online system Healthy Hunger.  

If you are interested in ordering for your child, please visit the website: 

You just have to create an account and add your child(ren) to the program. You will then be able to view the Lunch and Snack day events that are planned until the end of June 2020 and you can place your orders. You can order one meal at a time or many at a time, even the whole year if you wish.  You can register at any time.   Please note that this will be the only notification outlining the Healthy Hunger lunches/snacks. If you already have an account with Healthy Hunger, just login with your email and password and follow the instructions to register your child once again to access the program. You may use Visa, Mastercard or interact online to pay for your orders. You can place, change or cancel your order up to five days before the Hot Lunch.

Our first event will be a Subway lunch which will be held on Friday, September 27.  

**********PLEASE NOTE:  This first lunch is a very quick turn around as all orders must be placed 5 days in advance of the delivery day, therefore the deadline for orders is this weekend.**********


Other lunches planned are: 

  • Wok Box on October 25th
  • Dairy Queen on November 22nd
  • Subway on December 20th
  • Subway on January 31st
  • A&W on February 28th
  • Dairy Queen on March 27th
  • A&W on April 24th
  • Subway on May 29th. 


Mid-afternoon snacks planned are:

  • Booster Juice on February 14th
  • TCBY on March 12th
  • TCBY on May 8th
  • Booster Juice on June 5th
  • TCBY on June 19th


Thank you for helping us provide a simple, worry-free and individual  lunch for your child/children.


If you require further information regarding our Healthy Hunger program, please contact us at  




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